Our Reviews

Very delicious jerky 😋 Friendly people 😁

Kandis K.

I stopped in for some jerky and had no idea they did anything else. I got a basic sausage wrap with pickles, onions and a side of BBQ sauce. This was the best dang smoked sausage I’ve had in years!! No need for the sauce, it’s amazing by its self.

David F.

I just received my shipment of honey beef jerky, regular beef jerky and hot beef jerky and decided to try the honey one first and thinking it would be my least favorite. OMG! Really good. I haven’t tried the other two yet, but imagine they will be great as well.

Stan G.

A quaint little place. I would definitely recommend stopping if you happen to come to this side of Texas. We ordered the baked potato plate with sausage and the sliced beef sandwich. Both were equally delicious. The baked potato plate served up a hefty portion of all ingredients- definitely no skimping. The sandwich was really good, and I enjoyed the BBQ sauce. It's a pretty good little spot, great for picking up orders and taking out for a picnic or supper.

Roxanne R.

Disregard any negative review you have ever read about this place! There is simply no better beef jerky out there than the “hot Ohl style beef jerky”. You could buy 10 pounds and it wouldn’t be enough to satiate your appetite for this stuff. Not to mention if you have any problems at all you can email them and they get back to you very quickly. The customer service (online, as that is the only way I have dealt with them) is impeccable. They will have my business for a long time, and I think you should give them yours too.

Escher B.

Best beef jerky I've ever had, by far. There are others that are good, but they don't bring about the emotional response that the flavors of Ohl's does. I compare it to getting a steak at an IHOP or Denny's, then going to a top-10 in the US (killens) steakhouse.It is on the expensive side, however I believe it is worth it and justifiable with the quality of ingredients that are used and the many hours of care/smoking it takes to make jerky this delicious. I recommend Ohl Style jerky to anyone who likes jerky and wants some top of the line jerky. Please be warned, that it will likely ruin most other jerkys for you once you experience how jerky ought to be.

Matt M.

I found their jerky a few years back at a little gas station on my way back from Houston. It was so damn good that I had to go home and place an order for $250 worth of jalapeño jerky sticks and hot honey jerky. I’ve never felt the urge to hunt down some jerky and place an online order but this stuff here did it for me. Just got another shipment in today. I’ve tried a lot of beef jerky in my life and this is hands down the best.

Luke K.